Leather Care

♡ To remove dirt or surface residue, use a soft damp cloth. Gently rub for removal.

♡ For a deeper clean, use our leather cleaner to help preserve the natural smooth oils instead of stripping them.

♡ Apply the cleaner with a soft, damp cloth, covering a complete section of the leather with a circular motion. Remove any surplus moisture with a second damp cloth before drying with a clean cloth. Allow the leather to dry naturally, but never in direct sunlight.

♡ Let your leather goodies dry naturally.


♡ Use our Leather Balsam that will nourish your leather goodies.

♡ Put the balsam onto a soft, lint free cloth. Apply with a circular motion over a complete section of the leather.

♡ Balsam will help soften and moisturize your leather products and protect it from drying out and cracking. Remember that leather is a natural product and needs nourishing and protection.

Please note: When applying Leather Balsam it will darken the leather slightly.


♡ Leather is a natural material, store your products in a breathable space to prevent the growth of bacteria and even mold due to lack of air.

♡ Do not store in plastic bags or containers, they prevent good ventilation.

♡ Store leather away from artificial sources of heat, it can cause leather to dry and crack.


♡ Detergents, solvents and abrasive cleaners

♡ Prolonged and direct exposure of sunlight as this can cause fading

♡ Do not place leather near fireplaces or heaters. If you need to dry wet or damp leather, let it air-dry naturally.

♡ Silicone formulas as they will impair the leather’s ability to “breathe”.

♡ Do test any conditioners, cleaners, polishes or wax in a hidden spot beforehand.

♡ Don't immerse leather in water,

When leather are affected by water damage (the natural moisture escapes the leather) they dry out. The fibrous interweave will start to weaken and visible cracks form. Sadly, there's no way to salvage them once that happens.

So prevention is key. By always keeping the leather supple, healthy and resistant to water penetration with our leather care range.

❤ Note:

♡ We get so many clients that ask us for help when they spilled greasy-based-stuff on their leather shoes and/or products like food, oil, etc. Prevention for this is the best solution but accidents do happen.

  • Try to immediately cover the stain with cornstarch or another absorbent powder.
  • Allow the powder to sit on the stain overnight. The powder will draw the grease and moisture out of the leather.
  • In the morning brush off the powder and the stain will hopefully be gone or minimized.
  • Clean your leather shoes (if you do not have our leather cleaner nearby use a diluted amount of baby washing powder) and let it air dry.

This will not completely remove the oil but will lighten it.

  • Use leather balsam or a leather conditioner of your choice and blend in the stain.
  • If no success is gained, look at the bright side, it is a nice characteristic to tell a story.