Our Story

Leather - The material that dreamy shoes and products are made of

Te Fraai Diena is a women owned company and was established in August 2016 in the heart of Kalahari: Upington, Northern Cape and moved to Great Brakriver, Western Cape in April 2022.

We are a registered Trademark within South Africa.

Our mission: To not mass produce our products, we support the slow fashion movement. All of our raw materials & components are sourced locally.

Our vision: To supply South-Africans with timeless, world-class quality & durable leather products.

Unique handmade products to stand out from the crowd!

All of our products are designed and crafted in South Africa.

Dream designs from the purest elegance to more extravagant models. Each shoe and product is an unique work of art, created from the feeling and love of leather.

No two pairs of Te Fraai Diena handmade shoes or products are exactly alike. Every pair of shoes and bags,etc is treated individually during production, the natural tanning and hand processing results in subtle variations in the leather. These variations are enhanced by the unique way you wear them, which imbues each shoe and/or with personality, a story, a life.

If you love unique leather shoes and products and you love handmade, with South African flair, from the finest full grain leather then take a look at our range, you won’t be disappointed.

Words from the owner (Gerdine van Rooyen):

“When you buy from Te Fraai Diena, you’re not only buying our products but also our time, creativity, knowledge, research & dreams that we have put into each item.  

It was through grace that Te Fraai Diena became a big name in the leather industry and we will continue to build forward with our exceptional products and service.”